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The Growth Mindset In Action

In her book Mindset, Carol Dweck explains that we fall into one of two mindsets, fixed or growth. The fixed mindset believes that they are all they will ever be right now. The growth mindset believes that they are capable of learning and evolving. None of us is “pure” in all activities. What I mean is that we can be in a “fixed” mindset doing certain tasks and “growth minded” doing others. Take me for example. I come from a family that  gets lost when navigating and driving. I called this behavior “geographic dyslexia”. It produces a huge amount of anxiety in me. One day while riding in the car  my boyfriend John  asked me to help him navigate. I said something like “I am geographically challenged”. We had just finished reading about mindsets so, with his guidance, I modified what I had uttered and said, “I used to be geographically challenged but I am getting better all the time”. Small change but it had the immediate effect of lifting the hold that the fear of being afraid and getting lost had over me. It just felt better to ALLOW that I am willing to grow to become a better navigator.

How can you use the “growth mindset” to break out of fixed thoughts about yourself?


What is a “healthy” habit?

We all have habits, some good and some not so good. I decided to start a blog supporting the practice of “healthy” habits. What are these healthy habits? They are life-giving, good things that we can do to benefit ourselves and others. Some are easy and some take dedication. I originally came up with 30. Then I decided to continue to see if there are more. I also introduced them daily, knowing that this would be overwhelming for myself and my friends. But, I liked the discipline of writing them daily and the ideas that they embraced seemed worthwhile. So with that in mind, I’ll start writing and see where this takes me.


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